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Monday, November 01, 2004



You, are an idiot.

Thought I would let you know that.



My detractors are so refined. -- I suppose I should retort in an appropriate tone... NO, YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!

- c0rk

Another Lesson: Nothing wins an argument like blind repetition of facts or opinions or whatever meaningless piece of information you happen to have on hand


I love the fact that you attack Fox news and yet say nothing of Dan Rather and his shameful attempt to discredit the president using fake documents.

You attack the right for mud slinging but it was those on the left who called Bush a liar, a coward, stupid, and even had internet ads comparing him to Hitler.

You praise that fountain of misinformation Michael Moore when even you know all he does is cut and paste together footage to push his ultra-left agenda. Hell, even the gun giveaway in the bank scene in his academy award winning "documentary" was staged.

The Kerry campaign lost because Kerry was a weak candidate and had no clear stand on any issue at all.

I know you probably wont be able to watch Bush at his second inauguration but let not your heart be troubled. Hillary will run in 2008 and maybe if every heterosexual man with a job decides not to vote, your dreams of another idiotic left wing president will come true.


First I would like to point out that this post was an aim at humor, semi-partisan humor, but humor all the same. Dan Rather was wrong to report on documents whose authenticity had not been verified. However, as a voice from the left (though certainly not a Democrat) I find the extremism of television’s right-wing personalities absurd. They launch blind attacks based solely on sound bites. I see no value in the services these individuals perform, and I would gladly say the same for extreme personalities on the left.

As liberal American I do have an agenda, and while my end goal is a little honesty in, well, everything – I’m not going to back away from saying that I took deliberate steps to sabotage (by legal means) the Bush campaign. Leading up to an election I’d probably want to shy away from criticizing those that I would prefer to see in office, don’t you thing? In fact, many would strain to call me a Kerry supporter. Like most Americans, I voted and did my best to promote the viable candidate that most closely represented my personal politics. Upon further inspection, while my politics may be apparent, my comments regarding mud-slinging are aimed at the ‘theater’ not a particular candidate.

I’m still trying to determine when I praised Michael Moore… and perhaps I should distinguish that considering Moore a brilliant film maker does not mean I take everything he says as gospel. Frankly, I’m disgusted by those that do. Moreover, I consider his EXTREME leftist message and willingness to mislead to be somewhat harmful to my political ends.

I may be making things too complex, but I would guess Kerry’s loss of the election was based on more than his fitness as a candidate. Again, I’m not a democrat.

Your final comments are more than likely an attempt to add insult to what you believe to be injury. Again, I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT. The fact that the democrats would even consider running Hillary Clinton is a testament to their disorganization and impracticality as a party. “idiotic left-wing” --- way to raise the level of discourse.

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    Snow Patrol: Final Straw
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