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Tuesday, November 18, 2003



c0rk is a weirdo.
c0rk needs to stop hating on himself.
I want to snuggle c0rk.
c0rk can rock my socks.
Someday c0rk will drag me to Vermont.
c0rk reminds me of no one.
Without c0rk, I would be single.
c0rk can be charming.
Best thing about c0rk is his insanity.
c0rk is my boyfriend.

I like c0rk.
c0rk is a dork.
c0rk needs a nice girl like Maria to keep him happy and sane.
I want to strangle c0rk sometimes.
c0rk can get on my nerves with his advice due to its truthfulness and practicality.
Someday c0rk will STOP analyzing everything.
c0rk reminds me of a tech support phone call.
Without c0rk, I wouldn't have fun at work.
c0rk can be A little crazy sometimes.
Best thing about c0rk is that he is a genuine nice guy, which leaves room for hope that not all guys are lying, cheating, jerks .(Can you feel the bitterness?????)
c0rk is my buddy.


I don't look like Cork.
Cork is dead sexy.
cork needs to shave (for christs sake, its about time)
I want to visit Cork
Cork can make my mind think
Someday Cork will SHAVE.
Cork reminds me of no one (what kind of question is that to be asked of the most unique person.)
Without Cork, I would have never learned to drink properly.
Cork can be corkish (new word, look it up in Heather's Personal Dictionary)
Best thing about cork is his taste in "things"
Cork is my wine/movie buddy.

I work with c0rk.
c0rk is strange at times...ya gotta luv that.
c0rk needs sex.
I want to choke c0rk when he's drunk.
c0rk can be so honest he gets on my nerves.
Someday c0rk will look back at all this and laugh.
c0rk reminds me of my ex.
Without c0rk, it would be just me and Erin.
c0rk can be a good buddy when he's sober...lol.
Best thing about c0rk is that he REALLY is a nice guy.
c0rk is my dose of reality.


I am chums with c0rk.
c0rk is a good guy.
c0rk needs... hehe, we won't go there.
I want to strangle c0rk at times.
c0rk can fix my computer.
Someday c0rk will SHAVE.
c0rk reminds me of captin spock (he is always analysing).
Without c0rk, I would have no one to drink with.
c0rk can be a dork.
Best thing about c0rk is that he is loyal.
c0rk is my friend.

I dont like c0rk.
c0rk is a dog.
c0rk needs to get laid.
I want to kill c0rk.
c0rk can suck my penis.
Someday c0rk will suck my penis.
c0rk reminds me of keibler elf.
Without c0rk, i'd be happy.
c0rk can be annoying.
Best thing about c0rk is nothing.
c0rk is my dogs new name.


I am kinda friends with c0rk... i guess
c0rk is a pain in the ass.
c0rk needs to stop being to self deprecating.
I want to say something that will offend c0rk.
c0rk can kiss my ass.
Someday c0rk will be happy and successful.
c0rk reminds me of good times in high school.
Without c0rk, life would be pretty much the same.
c0rk can be irritating when giving unsolicited advice.
Best thing about c0rk is umm, I'll get back to ya.
c0rk is my ex.


I drink coffee and talk about all the wonderful nothings that compose life with Cork.

Cork is asking for people to fill this thing out in a thinly-veiled attempt to validate himself through their, predominantly meaningless, opinons.

Cork needs to smack Shayna for being so passive-aggressively snide... give her one good shot before her overt rudeness spreads and pollutes everyone who reads it... corrupting the world, one mouse-click at a time.

I want to work at TechTV with Cork... as well as doubleteam Morgan Webb... okay eew.

Cork can surprisingly tolerate my moodswings, probably because suffers from them too... you moody bitch.

Someday Cork will commit suicide with the sharpened end of a plastic spork after spending too much time talking to someone who is just too damn stupid to live.

Without Cork, my computer would feel lonely... and I'd have the coolest cell phone in the world... you fucking bastard.

Cork can rebuild him... he has the technology... ba ba ba baaaaaa ba ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaaaa... running - EEH EH EH EH EH EH EH

Best thing about Cork is the fact that he makes as little sense as I do... and that he refuses to begin a sentence like this with a THE like there should be.

Cork is partly my accidental creation, born from a chance meeting during the most ridiculous years of life... high school.


Left one out...

Cork reminds me of how important it is to douche...


I think c0rk.
c0rk is a total freak.
c0rk needs a lot of help.
I want to kidnap c0rk.
c0rk can Irish my coffee.
Someday c0rk will move to Philly.
c0rk reminds me of that one actor, whatshisname.
Without c0rk, where would I hot tub?
c0rk can be cool/weird/nerdy/awesome/strange/etc.
Best thing about c0rk is, hey its cork!
c0rk is my pal!

c0rk is a d0rk


I hate c0rk (cause you gave a bad review on halo).
c0rk is cool
c0rk needs balls.
I want to ??? (you know ;) ) c0rk.
c0rk can stack my shelfs.
Someday c0rk will die? (everyone does)
c0rk reminds me of me.
Without c0rk, the world wouldn't have cork in it.
c0rk can be analytical .
Best thing about c0rk is his analytical analysing stuff.
c0rk is my stranger.


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  • Howard Zinn: A People's History of the United States

    Howard Zinn: A People's History of the United States
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    Dan Brown: The Da Vinci Code
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    Bill Maher: When You Ride Alone You Ride with Bin Laden: What the Government Should be Telling Us to Help Fight the War on Terrorism
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    Jet Li's Hero
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  • : Meet the Fockers

    Meet the Fockers
    A perfectly acceptable follow up to Meet the Parents. Somehow I just can't dislike Dustin Hoffman. Ben Stiller on the other hand tests my patience. I'm only thankful that he has become so type-cast that his staying power will be limited. This film was a more lewd than the first, and there is no shortage of cheap cracks and ridiculous situations. I went in expecting very little, but I was satisfied to get a few laughs. Big fans of the first film will enjoy this, while others won't be missing anything groundbreaking. (***)

  • : Darkness

    This movie makes little sense, and what sense it DOES make leaves way too many WTF? moments. The scare tactics employed in this film are repetitive and unimaginative -- Ominous silhouettes and fluctuating power get old after awhile. The scariest moment in the film was also ruined by crappy special effects. Plot twists are also attempted, but fail because they're too predictable. If you HAVE to see this movie, wait to rent it. (**)


  • : ReplayTV RTV5508 80-Hour Digital Video Recorder

    ReplayTV RTV5508 80-Hour Digital Video Recorder
    Similar to TiVo in function, ReplayTV offers extended features, beyond the function of your standard DVR. Specifically, Replay’s networkability allows the sharing of media files (including movies) across ones home network. DVArchive allows Replay owners to download and save video from their Replay, a feature restricted by the proprietary encoding used by TiVo. This was the big x-mas gift of 2004, I think my family will be thanking me in 2005.

  • : The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (Special Extended DVD Edition)

    The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (Special Extended DVD Edition)
    I’ve been biding my time for 3 years, waiting for this box set to be released. Finally, the full extended editions of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy are mine. This is an amazing epic trilogy brought to life, brilliantly by Peter Jackson. While I have yet to find the 18+ hours required to take in all content of the set, a preliminary sampling holds a great deal of promise. The packaging itself is wonderfully designed with textured tomes for each set of 4 DVDs constituting 1 of the 3 films. My sister purchased this set for me for xmas. I plan to enjoy it whole heartedly. (*****)

  • : Norton SystemWorks 2004 - AntiVirus, Utilities, Passwords, Cleansweep

    Norton SystemWorks 2004 - AntiVirus, Utilities, Passwords, Cleansweep
    Frankly, you can't argue much with FREE. So far so good, though it does slow down my startup time. Though I think maintaining a clean registry will have long term benefits. (**)


  • The Decemberists: Picaresque

    The Decemberists: Picaresque
    I downloaded this CD a few months back when I was on an Iron & Wine kick, and never took the time to listen. Some friends of mine recommended them recently, and boy am I pleased they did. Tracks from this album are now in frequent rotation among my 9,000. Thank you iTunes + iPod. Everyone should have a listen. I'll be interested to hear what you think. Although I have downloaded their entire catalog...I am left wanting more. (*****)

  • Tatu: 200 Km/H in the Wrong Lane

    Tatu: 200 Km/H in the Wrong Lane
    Shit! ... I Mean TOTAL shit... but fun shit. And NO of course I didn't pay for it. I may be an idiot but I sure as hell wouldn't pay for this shit. (*)

  • Snow Patrol: Final Straw

    Snow Patrol: Final Straw
    British Indie rockers... at times they have a sigur ros meets radiohead meets coldplay kind of thing going on...though it does get a little "poppy" at times. I enjoy most but not all of this album. Though the single "Run" appears to be growing in popularity among the mainstream... decent sounding track. (***)

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